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How would you like to ride at Justin Homan's Facility 13 Home Track?
Well...guess what? You can!!!
Learn track, jump, and trick skills all safely with Justin Homan


When it comes to freestyle motocross Justin Homan has one of the longest-running careers of all time. A true "OG," Justin has been around since the early days and has competed all over the world - winning X-Games and Gravity Games events, a Bronze medal in the 2004 Thailand X-Games, several regional FMX competitions (2008-2013), was a finalist in the 2008 Int’l X-Games, and Champion in the 2005 Asian X-Games. Homan completed in Summer X, Winter X, and Gravity Games as a 12-time finalist. He was the eighth athlete in the world to complete the backflip in competition. Justin has never had a problem laying it all on the line.

But FMX is just his weekend career. Justin manages to combine two seemingly unrelated worlds - he holds down a 9-5 corporate job utilizing his accounting and finance degree from the University of Washington, where he was on the Dean’s list, while also running his own freestyle & homanMX13schools company, MX13, LLC.


BAGJUMP® filled a big need in FMX, where athletes are looking for a safer, cleaner, faster, and transportable solution to regular foampits. And we have one! Come join one of our homanMX13schools and learn to ride with BAGJUMP. The only one in Central Oregon!

Bagjump at Justin Homan backyard track
Justin Homan

Book an Event with me, ask about our track clinics or learn how to jump with our new air landing bags. Give me a shout by filling out this form. 

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